Couleurs des ondes cérébrales

The idea is to map brain activity (imagine a scale of concentration) to a music scale and a color scale. Mindprocessing was about making these highly intimate datas accessible to everyone in the room in a... pleasant and positive way.

The mindset headset was used for it's auto adaptive capabilities to detect mental state changes. One of eight detected brainwaves, "hIgh gamma" are experimentally related to higher mental state, like concentration, and require little training. To minimize artifacts people experimenting the installation were asked to move as less as possible.

The detected high gamma wave value was transformed in color hue and drove 5 LED projectors using a classic HSL to RGB algorithm. Saturation and Light values were fixed to match surrounding colors. 5 projectors to memorize and display the last 5 second "colored" brain activity. The measured high gamma value was also used to select octave on a previously written music handled in Puredata.

Low concentration = red and low pitch ---> High concentration = purple and high pitch

An explanation video. The used software is available on tmpbci's github repository

Music generator patch
Installation au Macval

First EEG experience

2011 : way before it becomes a main stream work in artistry, Mindprocessing is proud to not oversell neurosciences