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The repository for all tmpbci software is tmpbci on github



Basic Mind Music is a basic software that use Pure Data to produce music according to your attention. The notes are fixed for a non chaotic music style, but low attention will switch to low pitch. HIgh mental state will select an higher pitch. It's an octave switching instrument, 2 tracks are available online.


Rebol has no OSC implementation a dead simple tcp to OSC relay was written in python.

Brainwave sounds

OpenEEG systems with Pure Data software. Follow this link

Jackson : Hub for brainwaves

The home-brewed EEG/FNIRS software is made in Rebol and called "Jackson". Several versions have been created for dedicated purposes, like jprocessing or jLIVE, a sequencer style live tool, available from 1 to zillion brains, for art performance, cooperative "construction" (graphics, sound, music, MIDI, DMX light control, command,...). The Rebol option was chosen for dead simple portability and to interface seamlessly local and Internet connexions.
Currently supported hardware is the Mindset, but any device connected to a standard port (serial, usb, ethernet,...) can be implemented.

For a more about the flagship software : /tmp/bci/jackson.


The code for an installation in a french museum of contemporary art. jBMM is the musical part of jprocessing.

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