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Current projects


Near infra red spectroscopy DIY device (Paid Internship available)

  • Brainwave is the brain electrical activity monitoring tool, the brain is also an oxygen consumming organ, that physiology can be studied with functionnal MRI (fMRI) and Infrared Spectroscopy (fNIRS).
  • We're designing an open hardware arduino shield like device to widespread fNIRS based experiences.
  • Joint developement with the book hackers from Editions Volumique
  • Status : PCB design and bill of material for prototype. See the electrolab dedicated wiki page (fr).
  • If you're interested by internship for this project : contact sam at neurohack dot cc


  • Is it possible to detect emotions (positive, negative and neutral) through a commercial EEG headset ?
  • Neurohack members don't believe in website marketing, they believe in Pumed.
  • They prefer program their own machine learning software and see what is possible or not
  • Status : Fuzzy logic claasification tool almost done. Gathering short movie scenes with strong emotion and designing study protocol design.

Inside Out

  • For an upsoming parisian brain event.
  • In a 2m x 2m cube, vision and audition can be controlled, so it's possible to use translucent wall to show wich brain region is used by current low and high level tasks (music rythm, foreign langage, multitasking,...)
  • status : Software is almost finished, needs a scenario of all used brain locations and according tasks.

Classification tool

  • Easy to use classification tool.
  • Fuzzy logic based.

Supporting ADHD

Neurohack is working with clinical specialists of ADHD with a long experience to release an open source game to help children with ADHD. Current plan is to modify an existing clinical approved to create an improved open source game. Programmers welcomed.

Supporting blind and partially sighted people


Haptic panoramic sense of the outside world

  • White cane is great to protect in front but the lack of side protection need to be adressed.
  • Our prototype is backpack straps based with ultrasonic meters, vibration motors, microcontroller and a rechargeable battery.


"I want to read a book"

  • Meaning : any book, anywhere and without a computer...
  • Current prototype/hack use a computer mouse camera chip, some homemade OCR in a 16x16 matrix, microcontrollers and integrated vibration motors for braille output.

Future projects


Supporting blind and partially sighted people

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