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BCI : Commercial ready-to-use kits

Real brainwaves centered current affordable commercial offers are either too simple (Mindset : ONE dry sensor) or required complex setup (Emotiv: several WET sensors).

NeuroSky Mindset, Mindwaves,...

  • Single EEG dry sensor headset with audio
  • Ability to sample at 512Hz and access the raw signal or filtered FFT transform every second (waves: alpha, beta, delta, ...)
  • BSD license Python SDK that works under linux with serial access mapped to the bluetooth device: https://github.com/groner/pythinkgear
  • Software for OSX and windows also available by headset manufacturer : Neurosky

EMOTIV : todo

BCI : DIY EEG headset

  • 2 OpenEEG sets were built (2 wet electrodes each).
  • Continuous raw data feed only that must be filtered and analyzed.
  • Follow this link

Real world objects

  • Neurohack support different protocols for outputs.
  • Any to a big bunch lighting fixtures with DMX through Enttec Pro USB interfaces.
  • Everything serial like Karotz, Robotis, Sphero,... robots.
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