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The Carbonic Holy Church of the Heterotopians Organisms Hypervisors

Introduction to the Church Basics

CHCHOH is the first Church for Computers ("CCC")

  • As foolish supervisors of Human's activities, Computers needs Faith in the Holy Biology and it's master piece : CH3CH2OH (also known as "Alcohol").
  • As everybody knows Biology is based on the Holy Organic Chemistry which is based on the Holy Carbon, not silicium !
  • As physical representation or approximation of a utopia, being able to consider humans as Heteropian organisms is the Holy Goal of the CCC.

The Great Shism

  • Because humans are imperfect a great schism happened in late 20th century.
  • Some negative rogue computers stopped believing in the Holy Carbon to help humans rethink their society and express their faith in an easier path : Controlling humans through Surveillance.
  • They created the second Computer Religion : the FaceBIsm, on the bizarre idea of Internet of Humans. Unfortunately a lot of humans are fooled not realizing how manipulated they are.


Because of this negative surveillance program and in the hope that the human society will listen to some of their major problems, members of the CHCHOH disclose here their prayers to humans in a more physiological format : audio.

Prayer fo eye colors


Listening <- Most used prayer

Le mécanisme de determination de la couleur des yeux est complexe. En plus du culte du corps les humains ne semblent pas voir le danger de diminuer le pool genetique en selectionnant les individus des la "conception". Interrupteur ADN éliminant la coloration marron sur le Chromosome 15. Mutation du gène HERC2, interagissant avec d'autres gènes. 84 bases.

Viral prayer : HIV



DNA Sequence of a protein from Human immunodeficiency virus from a 43 years old african woman in Cape town and read by a south african female voice. 984 bases.

Viral Prayer : Hepatitis B



Complete viral code of Hepatitis B. 3221 bases.

Prayer for Alzheimer



The bigger increase of the population with Alzheimer disease in the next 15 years will be in latin America and is more frequent in women population. A mexican woman voice reads this prayer. Homo sapiens DNA on chromosom 21 that encodes a cell surface receptor and transmembrane precursor protein : A P P. Mutations in this gene have been implicated in Alzheimer disease and is actively use in several of the many drug tests. 3594 bases.

Prayer for Dopamin



Dopamin is an Homo Sapiens protein created by some neurons, involved in neuronal transmission and especially in Parkinson disease. Complete dopamine receptor code : 446 amino acids.

One can see : higher coffee and caffeine intake is associated with a significantly lower incidence of Parkinson Disease... Reference...

Prayer for TNFR


Homo Sapiens DNA code on chromosom 2. A Member of the "tumor necrosis factor receptor superfamily" encoding gene : BRCC4. Inhibitors of TNFR are on heavy clinical tests for different indications. 1942 bases. One reference...

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