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Jackson Family

Jackson can record, display, process and serve captured datas. Different clients exist in Puredata, Python,...


  • Jackson is the allinone software. Just connect a headset.
  • jliveRX can display and dispatch all data coming from zillions of jLiVE clients.
  • Jprocessing is able to map high gamma waves to a color and music space.
  • jBMM is the stand alone music player of jprocessing.
  • jwave is the near infrared spectroscopy data analyzer.


  • The live version Jackson LIVE aka "jLIVE", is a time line brainwave sequencer to mind launch whatever you want through built in TCP interface, terminal, applescript (OS X),...
  • jprocessing.pd is a generative a generative music puredata patch with tcp connection.

All Jackson family, jLIVE, jprocessing,... can stream in OSC, TCP, UDP, DMX and many more...

Some Jackson features


  • Dead simple Start/Stop.
  • Automatic csv data save.
  • Display algorythm choice


  • Draw any previously saved csv file.
  • Remote display on another computer is also available through specific client yet but soon in builtin webserver.
  • Display algorythm choice

Display algorithms / Virtual painters

  • "ON/OFF" LED
  • EEG displays available waves in a time graph.
  • "Realtime" display (1 frame/sec cause of Mindset)
  • Several long run abstract shapes.
  • More about Jackson Painters

Paradigms support

  • You can setup two tasks (A and B), name them, control their length and repetition.
  • Speech synthesis (OS X, Linux) is aired to request task change.
  • Dedicated row in datafile with task name for every measurement.
  • Dedicated preferences.




Jprocessing, jBMM and tcpOSC are available on our public repository. The allinone Jackson will be distributed as soon as all major bugs will be fixed. You may ask for a free current reliable alpha version, if your non commercial project need simple access to brainwaves (one full dataset - 8 waves - every seconds) and is able to process them through a built-in incoming tcp port or OSC commands.

License : Different version of Jackson will be distributed with different license agreements, most of them in a CC or GPL like style.
Rebol and Python are interpreted, the source code is visible in a text editor.
All download on our repository

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